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The Stats on Pain in America

Pain affects millions of people every day. That’s more than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. Many people have experienced enough pain to seek help from their primary care physicians, and almost all of us (over 80%) have tried over-the-counter or home remedies to find relief. The good news is that most pain can be managed with treatment and therapy. That’s why we’re dedicated to researching, understanding, and helping people overcome it.

Most common types of pain

  • Lower back pain: 85% of Americans experience back pain by age 50
  • Migraines/severe headaches*: 36 million Americans (12%) suffer from migraines [ SOURCE ]
  • Joint pain, aching or stiffness: 50 million adults diagnosed with arthritis or fibromyalgia

The impact

  • Lower back pain afflicts roughly 30% of American women at any given time
  • Roughly one in five adults experience knee pain
  • 40% of people 50 and older have reported having a pain episode in the last few days
  • 59% of Americans suffering from pain reported an impact on their overall enjoyment of life
  • Over 75% reported feeling depressed
  • 70% have trouble concentrating
  • 86% have trouble sleeping

The cost of pain

  • An average American spends close to $1000 per year on pain-related health care*
  • Americans spend $300 billion on pain relief treatments and care each year
  • Knee replacement surgeries have increased by 120% in the past 10 years
  • Hip replacements increased 73% in 10 years; much of the increase among people younger than 65
  • Back pain is the leading cause of disability in working-age adults and the second most common reason people seek help from their primary care physicians
  • Back, shoulder, and neck pain cause almost half of all work absences
  • The cost of lost productivity in the US is around $315 billion annually

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