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The Solutions

Pain isn’t always just a nuisance. Sometimes a message––your body’s way of telling you that something needs to be resolved. That’s why, when it comes to muscle and joint pain, we recommend pairing Biofreeze with the expert care of a health professional. Biofreeze will provide cooling relief while your healthcare professional works to maximize that relief and help correct the underlying problem.

Choosing Your Healthcare Professional

There are many professionals who use hands-on therapy, exercise, and natural healing techniques to help people with muscle and joint pain. See our top recommendations below, and visit our Where to Buy page to locate one best suited to your needs.

  • Chiropractor: Uses manual manipulation of the spine, joints and soft tissues to relieve musculoskeletal problems. People generally choose chiropractors for back, neck and shoulder pain, but they have been shown to help with many health conditions.

  • Massage Therapist: Uses manual manipulation of soft body tissues like muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments to enhance health and well-being. Massage can help relieve muscle and joint pain all over the body.

  • Physical Therapist: Treats disease or injury with physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise rather than by drugs or surgery. A good choice for injuries and recovery, recurring pain and arthritis.

  • Podiatrist: Cares for conditions and disorders of the feet. A podiatrist can offer expert diagnosis and treatment for foot and ankle pain.

  • Medical Doctor, M.D.: A doctor of medicine, encompassing both physicians and surgeons. M.D.s can use diagnostic tools to determine the severity of injuries that may be causing pain to avoid this.

  • Osteopathic Physician, D.O.: Similar to an M.D., but with training in osteopathic medicine, which concentrates on drug-free, non-invasive manipulative care with a focus on treating and strengthening joints, muscles and spine.

Avoiding Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is ongoing and, for those experiencing it, often debilitating. There are some strategies, however, that can help avert or address this distressing situation.

Choosing the Best Biofreeze Product for Your Pain

All Biofreeze products can be topically applied directly to the source of pain. Our range of products are designed to enhance convenience and comfort of application to different parts of the body. For more information, visit our products page.